Having a photography session is fun but can feel daunting, but hopefully I can reassure you with following faqs and answers! My aim is to offer you a fun, relaxed photography session, with lots of lovely family time (or four legged friend time!) in a beautiful outdoor location. 



"Sue took photos of our children and they were amazing - totally captured their personalities and she was brilliant at putting the children at ease to create wonderful, natural photos. We were absolutely delighted with the results!" 




Before and during the session:

I don't like being photographed, what can I do?

My sessions are relaxed and are guided by you. I won't force you to do poses that you aren't happy with. Relax a little in the fact that I won't photograph you on your own, my focus will be the children or the connection between you and your family. But more importantly please remember that your children will cherish these photographs for years to come. They won't care if you haven't yet shed your baby weight or if you aren't quite happy with the way your hair looks, they will just see you and the love between you and them. 

Where are sessions held?

I am happy to suggest a number of outdoor locations that will offer great backdrops for your photographs or if you have a location that is special to you let's have a chat about it. 

Can I bring along Granny and/or the dog?

Of course you can! If Granny takes you over the 5 people that are included in the session, I will need to charge an additional £25 for her and any other persons joining the shoot. One or two additional dogs are free! 

I am worried that my child, dog or husband will misbehave!

Don't worry! I am used to misbehaving children, animals and husbands! It often happens in a session. I am not here to judge your parenting skills or your dog handling skills, I have found that turning a blind eye to the smaller misdemeanors in a session is a good idea as no one wants images of a child that has just been told off! 

Can I have a creative shoot with you, my child loves dressing up as as a knight, or would love to be a fairy surrounded by bluebells, or would really enjoy having a teddy bears picnic in among the spring flowers?

Yes, of course we can do that. I would love create a fairy tale setting with you and your child. 

What do I need to bring to the session?

I am not adverse to bribery on a shoot so please bring snacks for the kids (please no snacks that will take me ages to Photoshop off your child's face though!) and dog treats for the dog! For younger kids please also bring wet wipes, to remove the snacks from faces! If Granny needs a snack too please feel free to bring them along for her too! I will provide a blanket that you can sit on if we do any cuddly seated family shots. 

When should I schedule my newborn photography session and what if she/he cries?

Newborns stay newborn for such a short period of time, so to get beautiful sleepy, curled up images the ideal times is when your baby is between 4 - 10 days old. Newborn sessions can last for a little longer than family portraiture sessions to allow time for feeding, nappy changes and settling. They are held in you own home so that you can both relax and this also allows me to capture your little on is his/her natural environment. 

What if my child is ill?

Don't worry, it happens! It is better to wait until your child feels better to get the best out of shoot and so that you and your child can enjoy the session! We can reschedule for a later date. 

How long will a session last?

Family portraiture sessions last between 1 to 2 hours, long enough for the kids to relax, get used to me and have fun, but not too long that they will get bored.

A newborn shoot usually lasts longer to allow time for feeding, nappy changes and settling etc. The newborn sessions are held in your home so you can all relax a little and I will allow more time so there is absolutely no pressure for your little one to perform. Some of the nicest shots are taken in the "breaks" when I can capture the connection between you and your newborn as you go about caring for him/her.

What should we wear?

My sessions are relaxed so wear something that you are comfortable in. Simplicity is best, so avoid patterns and logos or writing. For a family photo shoot pick a couple of colours and then combine these with neutral whites, greys and browns. For more detailed information on what to wear please click here to see my what to wear guide. 
For newborn shoots, babies look best in nothing but their birthday suits or a white vest. 

What if it rains?

That is not a problem for outdoor lifestyle shoots, we can just re-schedule at no extra cost to you. Surprisingly this rarely happens. You may want a sunny day for your photography session but actually an overcast day can create beautiful soft light, perfect for portrait photography. 

How much is a family photography session?

The session costs £120. This includes a pre shoot telephone consultation, my time and experience on the day and the careful digital perfection of each image and the presentation of these images on an on line password protected gallery. You can add onto this package with a variety of beautiful wall mounted products, keepsake story books, digital images or high quality professional prints.  

What about Covid?

If you have any Covid symptoms then we would need to reschedule and also I would let you know if I had any symptoms for up to two weeks before the shoot. If you wish, on newborn photography sessions, when I am in your home I can wear a mask. On an outdoors location family photography session I often use a long lens so I don't need to be too close to you, anyway no one likes a camera shoved into their face! I often use a blanket that I bring from home, that is washed between clients, for sitting shots, but if you prefer you could bring your own blanket along. 

After the session:

How do we see our photographs?

Once I have digitally perfected each one of your beautiful images, then I will put them on a secure on line gallery for you. This way you can look at the images in the comfort of your own home with no pushy sales technique! 

How much should I expect to spend?

My clients usually spend between £250 and £750 on products after the shoot. 

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What about dog portraiture? 

Where are dog photography sessions held?

Dog portraiture sessions last around one hour and can be held at a favourite local location, as chosen by you and your dog! If you aren't sure of a location I can suggest a number of locations that offer great backdrops for images of your four legged friend.  The session will last around one hour.

Can I be in the images too?

Of course you can! I would love to capture the relationship between you and your dog but I also understand if you would just prefer to have images of your dog only. It is up to you! If you aren't sure we can always do some shots with a hint of you in it, just to show the connection and love between the two of you. 

What time of day is best for dog photography?

Ideally not in the middle of the day when, if the sun is out, the shadows can be harsh. I love photographing dogs most in the early morning, when the light is soft and beautiful.

What do I need to bring along to the session?

Lots of energy and enthusiasm, plus lots of treats for your dog! 

Should I walk my dog before the session?

Yes please! It is great if you can get rid of some of your dogs excess energy so he can concentrate a little during the session. 

How much is a dog photography session?

Dog portraiture sessions cost £95 and include my time and experience on the day, the editing and careful post production of your images and the presentation of at least 30 images on an on-line password protected gallery.  From the gallery you can order high quality professional prints or you could choose to get your favourite images on a beautifully presented USB. There is also a wide variety of framing options available to you, including stunning aluminium prints or even a coffee table style book to showcase your faithful four legged friend. 



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“I can not say enough positive things about this wonderful women - she is an amazing photographer, a fabulous person and she builds an amazing rapport and trust with her subjects, be they a young child, a nervous Granny or a slightly dappy dog. I would not hesitate in recommending SWN Photography.”



If there is anything else you need to know, I would be very happy to answer any questions that you have. Please get in touch by clicking here!