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When should I schedule my newborn session?

You can contact me at anytime! We can schedule in a date a few months ahead, which can be moved if your baby is early or late! This date will ideally be when he or she is between 4 and 10 days old, but don't worry if they are a bit older. At about 3 weeks old they will start to look less "newborn", but I can still get beautiful images of your baby at any age. 

Does my baby need to be asleep throughout the session?

Your baby can be awake or asleep throughout the session. It is lovely to get some photographs of your little one with their eyes open but equally it is also great to get some images of your newborn asleep. The session is baby-led, so it is up to your baby!

Where do you hold newborn photography sessions?

For newborn photography I come to your house, where you and your little one are most at ease. I love to capture newborns in natural settings where your baby is in natural positions and not posed. In your own home I can capture the connections between you, your partner and your new baby, in surroundings that mean something to you. Siblings can be left in their usual routine and environment and can be just included in photo session when needed. Having the photo shoot in your own home can also be great if you are tired, recovering or simply don't feel ready to venture out just yet.

How long does a newborn photoshoot last?

I try to make the newborn session is as relaxed as possible, I don't rush you or your little one, so a session can last up to 3 hours. If they need to be fed in the middle of the session, then I give you time to feed. If they are unsettled and need a cuddle, then they get cuddles they need. Their comfort and well being, alongside yours, is of paramount importance to me during the session.

Who can be included in the newborn photography session?

It's up to you! The session can be of just the baby, although I would encourage you to be in the photos. I completely understand that you might not feel at your most photogenic so soon after having a baby but capturing the connection between you, your partner and your new baby is priceless. Newborn babies evoke such strong emotions and capturing that love in a photograph is an amazing to look back on. 
Siblings are encouraged to join the session too. I am used to juggling 2 years olds with their newborn siblings so I have learnt to work quickly!  Dogs and cats are family too, so I can include them in the photographs as well. 

What if my newborn cries all through the session?

Crying is part of family life with a newborn! If you need a break to settle your newborn, I can pop out of the house for a while or quietly sit in another room, or just sit and chat with you for a while until your baby settles.

What should we wear?

Please have a careful think about what you are all going to wear on the day. I think that a white vest or onesie is best for the baby, so that the focus is on the baby's face in the final image, not on the clothes. Light coloured or neutral coloured tops work well for the rest of the family and can be teamed with any other block colour clothes or teamed with jeans. No logos or big pictures on tops, and no black please.

Are your images posed? 

I will capture images of your newborn in natural unposed positions, in their own home, surrounded by things that matter to you and your family. Most of the time I will ask you just to look at your baby, with some direction from me on where to stand or sit where the light and background is most flattering. I may ask partners and siblings to join in and offer direction to snuggle in close or how to place a hand, but overall I try to keep my poses relaxed and natural. 

My baby is already here, can I still book in a newborn session?

Yes, you can. Although ideally for a newborn sessions the baby should be between 4 and 10 days old, at up to 3 weeks you can still beautiful newborn style images. I sometimes have last minute availability and I will do my best to fit you in, so please contact me if you would like to book in a session even after your baby has been born. 

How much does a newborn photography session cost? 

The session costs £120. This includes my time on the day, the careful editing of each individual image and the presentation of the images on an online password protected gallery, from which you can choose one image for your large complimentary print. From the gallery you can then choose the images that you want as further prints, digital images or for frames. For more details on pricing please click here.

Is there anything else that I should know?

As you may have seen from my website a lot of my newborn images are taken in the bedroom as the bedroom often has good window light and usually offers an uncluttered background. If you can put a white, cream or light coloured plain duvet cover on the bed then this makes a great setting for photographs. Please be aware that I may need to move a few small things off bedside tables to create a clean look, after all you probably wouldn't want your toiletries in the background of the resulting photograph for example! 

Sometimes I find that the light is great in the lounge or the nursery, so please be aware that I may go in these rooms as well.  I won't judge how tidy or clean your house is, I live with 3 messy children and after all you have the best excuse of all, you have just had a baby!

If after reading this you would like to book in a newborn photography session for your family, then please contact me here.

I look forward to meeting you and your little one soon! 




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7 reasons why you should book a family photoshoot today! https://www.swn-photography.co.uk/blog/2022/2/reasons-to-book-a-family-photoshoot There are many reasons not to have a family photoshoot, maybe one of your children has just lost one of their front teeth, you want to loose some weight, you are worried that your toddler won't behave or you simply feel that you don't have the time!  These are all valid reasons not to have a photoshoot but I think that the reasons to have a photoshoot are far more compelling, please let me explain!

1. They don't stop growing!

Remember that new baby stage that at the time seemed to go on forever, well once you are through it looking back on it seems, and is, a lifetime ago. In that time your newborn has grown, first into a lovely baby, then a toddler and before you know it they are already at school and then, believe me, the time really flies and before you know it they are taller than you!

2. Everyone can be in the photo!

In most of my family photos one of us is missing, usually me! When I do look at the rare photographs that we have of all the family in they make me smile. 

I love capturing the connection between parents and their children.  When your children are grown up they will thank you for the photos of you and them together.

3. Todays moments are tomorrows memories.

It is so important to capture those memories. Who doesn't like looking back on old photographs? They capture that moment in time and the emotion with it.  Often they can remind you of memories of your child at a certain point in time that otherwise might be forgotten.

4. Do it for the Grandparents!

Grandparents love photographs of the family, especially the Grandchildren. There is no better gift for a Grandparent than a photograph of those they love. 

5.Having photographs of your children around the house increases their self esteem as it gives them a sense of belonging in the family.

I believe this to be true as it shows children that they you are proud of them and that they are loved. Family photographs also help make a house feel like a home.

6. There are great seasons coming up for family photographs.

Colourful spring flowers combined with the warmer weather makes a spring a great time for a family photoshoot.  Whilst in the summer, the golden light at the end of the day offers a stunning, flattering light for family photographs. Autumn can also be a fantastic time for a photoshoot as the autumn leaves make a fun and colourful backdrop.

7. Family photoshoots can be fun!

Think of a photoshoot as some quality family time together outdoors, sandwiched in between plenty of cuddles, hugs and laughs. 

If after reading this if I have convinced you that NOW is the time to book your family photoshoot then please click here to get in touch!

I look forward to seeing you and your family soon! 

Sue x



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What to wear on a family photo shoot https://www.swn-photography.co.uk/blog/2021/7/what-to-wear-on-a-family-photo-shoot What to wear on a family photo shoot


I think that this is my most commonly asked question about a photo shoot. What should I wear? I understand, it would be the one question that I would ask my photographer! I know how difficult it can be to dress myself without thinking about finding something that the rest of the family can wear that not only looks good and is comfortable but that also coordinates, whilst also thinking about the season, the weather and the session venue. Don't worry, I hope that guide can help alleviate these worries with the following guide and you are always welcome to ask me for further guidance if needed, I am really happy to help!

Plan ahead

This is my number one rule. There is no point booking a photography session and then not planning your outfits until that day. You will be looking at your photographs for years to come so want to be looking and feeling great on the day of the session.

How to plan!

I suggest that you pick two or three colours that you like, coordinate well and look good on your family and then combine them with neutral colours such as whites, greys or browns. Jeans work very well as a neutral but I would suggest that you don't all wear jeans as this can look too matchy-matchy. Always think coordinating not matching, as gone are the days when at every photo shoot it was recommended that your wore a white shirt and jeans.

No logos or big pictures on tops please, as in photographs your eye will get drawn to this rather than your lovely faces, you need to be the star of the show not your logo top! Logos or big pictures can also date a photograph as fashion changes.

Finally I would also advise to avoid black or white tops. Black tops generally aren't that flattering in photographs and you tend to loose a lot of detail in the shadows of a black top. Whilst white tops can be harsh and create blown out highlights in your photographs, plus your eye is naturally drawn to the lightest part of the image and again I want the attention of your image to be your face and your expression, not your top! Cream is a better option than white.

A great way to see if your outfits all work together is to lay the outfits out on the floor or bed, side by side, just to see if they look as good together as you had imagined. If you are stuck at this point just send my an image on this from your phone and I will happily advise you.

What colours look great for a photo session/are best for a family photographs?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this! As mentioned previously I would avoid black or white tops but any other colour can work well. Trying asking yourself which colour works well in my family, what colour do I feel most comfortable in, what colour suits me etc. You could also think about what colour will work well in the room that you are going to display your finished photographs in.


Comfort always comes first as I want you to be able to relax and smile and be able to move freely. I don't want you to have to breathe in all the time as your trousers are too tight, or feel that you can't bend down to your child in case your trousers split (it has happened!).

I recommend that you wear something that is comfortable that you feel good in and the same applies to the kids too. There is no point in them looking great but being grumpy and fidgeting because they feel uncomfortable. Don't forget to get everyone to try on their outfits before the shoot to make sure it all fits, as we know how quickly kids grow and how much weight can be put on after Christmas!

With comfort in mind please also think of your footwear. Most of my shoots are outdoors so shoes that you can wear out in the great British countryside comfortably is a definite requirement. For indoor newborn or young baby shoots bare feet work well.


Ideally, the season should also be a consideration when choosing what to wear for your photo shoot.

Just have a think about the colours that will be surrounding you. In spring think spring flowers, in summer long grasses and in winter more of a brown, gold and orange colour palette. With this in mind then try to imagine your clothes within this setting. For example on a bluebell shoot I wouldn't suggest matching the purple and green of the bluebell wood but I would suggest softer colours that allow you to sit in the landscape in a complementary way, rather than matching, such a greys, creams, lilacs or blues.

Newborn and young baby shoots

These sessions are held in the comfort of your own home so for Mum especially please wear something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. The best advice is to choose neutral colours and keep it simple. Light coloured tops with jeans or dresses in light greys, pale pastels, beige and cream all work well against your baby's skin for Mum. For Dad's jeans and a neutral colour unpatterned shirt that coordinates with Mum's will work well. For baby, a white onsie/vest is the best. They are the star of the show and bright colours and patterns can be distracting in the final photographs. No logos or writing on tops for anyone please as we want the focus to be on your faces and expressions not the clothes.

To ask me a question or to book in a photo shoot (now you know what to wear!) then just click here!










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Headshots session with Kate https://www.swn-photography.co.uk/blog/2021/3/natural-light-headshot-photography-Winchester-Hampshire I have heard the saying many times, "don't work with children and animals" and I have been crazy enough to work with both regularly and love it! However what they don't say is don't work with the British weather! Luckily I love a challenge! For Kate's headshots session, where the unforecasted wind was blowing a hoolie, the challenge was to find a sheltered spot. Luckily Winchester has an abundance of places in which we could find shelter and beautiful soft light, allowing us to get some lovely images without the flyaway hair, with the exception of the final images!


[email protected] (SWN Photography) headshot photography headshots https://www.swn-photography.co.uk/blog/2021/3/natural-light-headshot-photography-Winchester-Hampshire Thu, 25 Mar 2021 14:37:36 GMT
Actor headshots session https://www.swn-photography.co.uk/blog/2019/2/actor-headshots-session Craig wanted headshots to update his webpages and acting profiles. He had been cast a lot as a "baddie" and wanted some of the images to show a softer side of him. He also wanted some depth and feeling in his expression. He said he found it hard to be in front of a stills camera, a common characteristic of actors apparently. However you would never guess this from the images that we got from the session! That's the benefit of an hour long photo shoot and my awful jokes, it gives time for people to relax and maybe even enjoy being photographed but probably not my jokes!







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Kipper's Dog Portraiture Session https://www.swn-photography.co.uk/blog/2018/4/kippers-dog-portraiture-session  

How I love dog photography sessions! Kipper was such fun on a cold spring morning. In between "zoomies" Kipper would sit obediently for photographs, just for some praise and cuddles.

He is such a lovely characterful dog, as I found out when I put my woolly hat down on the ground for a minute, only for Kipper to grab it and then zoom around and around in the circles with the hat firmly in his mouth! With the hat retrieved and firmly on my head (yes, it was a bit soggy!) I was able to capture some beautiful photographs of Kipper with his stunning enormous ears! 


dog portraiture, dog photography Hampshire, dog photography Winchester dog portraiture, dog photography Hampshire, dog photography Winchester

dog portraiture, dog photography Winchester, dog photography Hampshire dog portraiture, dog photography Winchester, dog photography Hampshire

dog portraiture, dog photography Winchester, dog photography Hampshire dog portraiture, dog photography Hampshire, dog photography Winchester

If you would love photographs of your dog, in or around Winchester, Hampshire, then please drop me an email!

[email protected] (SWN Photography) dog photography dog portraiture https://www.swn-photography.co.uk/blog/2018/4/kippers-dog-portraiture-session Fri, 13 Apr 2018 21:29:09 GMT